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It’s Time to Make Positive Changes in Our Schools

In a community where we aim for pride and progress in how we live, there some numbers we’d rather overlook.
Omaha is ranked 142nd out of 182 of America’s healthiest cities. That puts us in the bottom 25 percent of U.S. cities.

Why and how we got here is a result of many factors—including social, economic, environmental and individual reasons. But how we can change that number requires working together on just as many levels.

That includes making changes in the places where we need to be healthy role models for our children. Starting in school can help us reach students, but also teachers, staff and parents. And when children see positive changes taking place in school, they take those lessons home with them.

The Partners for Healthy Schools initiative is dedicated to creating policy changes that focus on:

  • Making healthier food options available
  • Supporting physical activity

How You Can Make a Difference

As a person of influence in our schools—whether an educator or staff member— you play a key role.

When you sign on with Partners for a Healthy Schools, you’ll join others who also have committed to increase the quality of life for those in our elementary and high schools throughout Douglas County. These policy changes have been proven to make a difference in how schools value healthy eating and exercise.

Your pledge to help provide a healthy school environment will have a direct impact on students, staff and families today. And you’ll be part of a movement that will provide for changes that will last a lifetime.

Take Action

We’ll provide your school with the tools and resources you need to assess, plan and implement sustainable school wellness practices. Take the first step to make the healthy choice the easy choice—contact us:

Madison Haugland LCI
School Wellness Consultant
Live Well Omaha
[email protected]