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Organization: Establish a wellness committee.

Creating a wellness committee in your organization demonstrates a commitment to the health of all employees. One key to forming a successful wellness committee is to recruit members from various organizational levels and functions. Those involved in employee health or well-being positions—like Human Resources, employee benefits or employee unions, for example—can provide important insight, as well those who are responsible for environmental or policy changes.

Remember that your committee will be charged with getting support from everyone from upper-level management to hourly employees. The group also will be responsible for the management of worksite wellness initiatives, as well as generating enthusiasm for programs. Here are some guidelines when forming a wellness committee:

  • Develop a mission statement, along with goals and objectives.
  • Set regular meetings (monthly helps keep momentum for the program) for moving initiatives forward.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to share ideas and co-sponsor events.
  • Encourage input from the whole population of your organization.

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