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Organization: Support transportation options including biking and public access for visitors and staff.

What carpooling was to the 1970s, walking or biking to work is becoming for this decade. Besides saving on fuel costs, there’s an even more important incentive to try another form of commuting: It can improve your personal health and that of the environment, too.

Organizations that promote alternative transportation actively encourage physical activity, reduce traffic congestion and decrease air pollution from cars. In addition, supporting a walking or biking initiative at your office can have a direct impact on health conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Best of all, it’s easy to support these employees:

  • Encourage bicycle commuters by installing a bike rack or providing a dedicated indoor storage room for bikes.
  • Track bikers’ mileage and award prizes to those who log the most in a month.
  • Provide public transportation schedules at your reception desk.
  • Profile bike or walking commuters in your newsletter.

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