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Organization: Make physical activity part of meetings and workdays.

Reaping the benefits of exercise doesn’t require marathon workouts. In fact, studies show that short periods of exercise—even 10 minutes at a time—can improve overall health and encourage long-term physical habits. At work, getting regular physical activity can help employees re-focus and jump-start productivity.

As you make plan your exercise initiative, think about the best places and time to incorporate it into a daily schedule. When you incorporate it into everyday events and special occasions alike, participants will be more likely to consider it part of the culture. Remember to plan activities that everyone, no matter what their physical ability or job schedule, can take part in.

Here are some ways you can add physical activity to your organization’s agenda:

  • Schedule short activity breaks during a meeting or event. Stretch, dance or move to some music.
  • Organize a walking group around your campus.
  • Schedule “walk-and-talk” meetings, instead of sitting in a conference room.
  • Partner with a local fitness center to bring in a trainer to host group Zumba, tai chi or general exercise classes.

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