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Organization: Make water available and easily accessible.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a billion people in the world lack ready access to safe drinking water. Here in the United States, that may be hard to imagine. But for communities like ours, the issue isn’t that water isn’t available. It’s that this healthy option isn’t always top of mind.

The USDA reports that the major sources—36 percent—of added sugars in the diets of Americans come not from candy and desserts, but from soda, energy drinks and sports drinks. These empty calories are a big contributor to an increased risk for obesity, diabetes and even heart disease and cancer.

Swapping these beverages in favor of water and unsweetened drinks can have significant benefits for better health. Drinking plenty of water also helps prevent dehydration, which often is the cause of headaches, fatigue and weakness. Making water the first beverage choice for your organization is one of the simplest policy changes you can implement. Here are a few ideas:

  • Install a water cooler in the break room and/or at other locations around the building.
  • Stock bottled water and make it available for clients and guests, as well as employees.
  • Make coffee and tea free of charge to encourage consumption of other no-calorie beverages.

Make your commitment to implement this policy change in your organization. Download the pledge form today!

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