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Organization: Improve workplace stairwells and encourage people to take the stairs.

Easy ways to get people moving, stairwell initiatives are becoming increasingly popular among wellness programs. Studies suggest that moderate intensity exercise like stair climbing may be more successful over time than more vigorous intensity exercise programs. Stair climbing programs have been shown to increase leg power, promote bone density in women, and can improve the amount of HDL “good” blood cholesterol.

In many cases, all it takes to encourage this new habit is to post a sign. A study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found an increase in stair use when signage was displayed at the decision point between the stairs and the escalator or elevator. Consider these ways to boost stairwell use in your workplace:

  • Make sure stairwells are well lit, clean and have proper handrails.
  • Get people motivated by posting encouraging messages floor by floor.
  • Count the number of stairs it takes to get to each respective floor and calculate the calories burned per round trip.
  • Start a competition where employees log their trips and compete for prizes, or simply get bragging rights on signage.

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