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Organization: Provide healthy vending machine options.

Helping ensure that healthy habits have staying power requires a combination of education and environment. Healthy vending machine options are part of that equation.

While these machines have earned—and rightly so—a reputation as the go-to destination for a high-calorie snack, it’s possible to change this perception. And even if you can’t replace all the choices with healthy ones, you can direct buyers to the best choices:

  • Post nutrition information for the foods in the machine.
  • When possible, include fresh fruit as a vending option.
  • Stock snacks like low-calorie granola bars, baked chips, whole-grain pretzels or crackers, and one-serving portion of nuts.
  • Group healthy items together or identify them with special stickers.
  • Include bottled water and low-calorie teas instead of/in addition to soda.

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