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Organization: Start or expand a farm-to-institution program by partnering with local growers.

Perhaps nothing has as much impact on eating healthy than a direct connection with the grower of the food we eat. Farm-to-institution programs connect producers with consumers such as schools, hospitals and worksites. Programs also may include farmers markets and community-supported agriculture (CSA).

Not only do farm-to-institution programs encourage healthy eating, they also provide increased demand for local and regional growers to produce more fruits and vegetables. Their products can also be incorporated into your organization’s cafeteria, salad bar, catering services, conferences and special events.

Starting a farm-to-institution program can be as simple as contacting a local grower and placing an order for produce to be delivered to the office. Here are some additional ways to implement a program in your organization:

  • Host a farmers market over the lunch hour, where participants can shop for the night’s dinner ingredients.
  • Invite a local chef to cook lunch onsite with the day’s fresh ingredients.
  • Collaborate with other companies in your neighborhood to partner with a CSA program and schedule a produce pick-up once or twice a month.

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