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Organization: Implement a joint use agreement to encourage community activity in your facility.

One of the biggest hurdles preventing community members from fully enjoying a healthy lifestyle is having access to the right facilities. A joint use agreement (JUI)—a formal agreement between two government entities such as a school district and a city or county —can provide the impetus people need to make positive changes.

A JUI between a school district and city, for example, can mean that the school is opened for community use during times when the district does not use the facilities. The agreement provides for use of spaces like gymnasiums, playgrounds and playing fields.

An effective agreement should include:

  • A designation between the parties for the specific facilities that will be available for use.
  • Details about security, supervision, maintenance and custodial repairs.
  • A procedure for resolving disputes and an allocation of costs, risks and insurance.
  • A method for scheduling use of the facilities.

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