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Why Policy and Environmental Change is Important

Our community is facing a crisis.

Omaha is ranked 142nd out of 182 of America’s healthiest cities. That puts us in the bottom 25 percent of U.S. cities.

Why and how we got here is a result of many factors—including social, economic, environmental and individual reasons. But how we can change that number requires working together on just as many levels.

At any organizational level, helping people make lasting healthy choices first requires policy changes. These are the changes that focus on approaches that reach large numbers of people in multiple settings. Best of all, they often are easy, affordable changes we can commit to and live every day in our workplaces, schools and community organizations.

The Partners for a Healthy City initiative is dedicated to creating policy changes that focus on:

  • Making healthier food options available
  • Supporting physical activity

How You Can Make a Difference

As a person of influence in our community, you play a key role.

Changing the healthy of an entire community can only occur through strategically focused, collaborative efforts. When you sign on with Partners for a Healthy City, you’ll join more than 350 organizations who also have committed to increase the quality of life for everyone in Douglas County.

As a partner, you pledge to implement policy changes within your organization. You decide where you can make a difference. The changes you make and their positive effects will provide an enduring legacy that sets our community on a path to better health.

Take Action

Your organization can help to intentionally improve the environments where we live, learn, work and play to make certain the healthy choice is the easy choice. Take the first step to making that change today.

Visit the Policy Center for more details