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Making Positive Changes to Improve Omaha’s Health

Our community is facing a health crisis. Douglas County ranked 53rd of 78 Nebraska counties in a recent county health ranking. These rankings are based on how long residents live and how healthy they feel while they’re alive.

Many factors contribute to a community’s overall health, including overall quality of life; healthy behaviors such as diet and exercise; access to healthcare and mental health services; socioeconomic circumstances including poverty and broken families; and physical environment.

In 2010, the Douglas County Health Department, Live Well Omaha and various community partners began working together to improve Omaha’s health through two major initiatives: Partners for a Healthy City and Partners for Healthy Schools.

  • Partners for a Healthy City adopted by WELLCOM, works with businesses, community partners and faith-based organizations to implement policy changes and/or environment support to increase access to physical activity and healthy food and beverage choices.

  • Partners for Healthy Schools supported by Live Well Omaha, helps schools implement wellness goals into their current initiatives; form and support successful wellness committees; and integrate best practices for healthy, lasting changes.
Partners for a Healthy City Partners for a Healthy Schools